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10x IGET BAR 3500

10x IGET BAR 3500

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Pack of 10 pieces. Can mix flavours.

Buy IGET Bar in bulk and save, featuring 10 devices per box filled with each of your favourite flavours.



-Kiwi pineapple (NEW)

-Dynamic mint ice (NEW)

-Raspberry grape (NEW)

-Blackberry pomegranate cherry (NEW)

-Passionfruit kiwi guava (NEW)

-Watermelon mint ice (NEW)

- Double apple

- Strawberry kiwi

- Banana pomegranate cherry

- Strawberry lemon

- Orange mango pineapple

-Strawberry raspberry

- Banana ice

- Blackberry raspberry lemon

- mango ice

- Melon ice

- Passion fruit mango lime

- Peach ice

- Strawberry watermelon

- Lush ice 

- Mixed berry

- Cola ice

- Blackberry ice

- Blueberry ice

- Ice cream

- Pineapple juice

- Cherry pomegranate 

- Grape ice

- Cherry blueberry 

- Strawberry raspberry

- Blueberry raspberry

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